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29 September 2005 @ 03:48 pm
Middle of I.T  
I'm in I.T yet again. I have finished all my work and am now free to wonder the magic of the t'internet! Yet i am unable to get onto homail, so i am still somewhat eger to get home... All my teachers hear are really nice one has offered to buy me a book... How random... P.J's septum peircing really doesn't suit her that much i have finally dicided... Hope fully she will be at the pub on friday so i get to have a Manda, Loz and P.J talk... Their so funny...

My dad told me about all the famous people he has worked for. he has worked for; The Queen, Phil Collins, Richard Branson... and I can't remember any others...

Mum recons I have an ear infection again... I get them atleast every 3years... Yet I have never had an eye infection... Random.

I say 'random' far to much, Ness Ness keeps telling what words I keep saying alot... I never remember them... 'sept random... So better go now its like 15:56 and my train is soon... Damn, I bet I miss it... H'eny way see ya'll toodles!
Now how does this make you feel?: thirstythirsty