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12 October 2005 @ 02:04 pm
Mission number 1: accomplished!  
Today is/was good. Got all my research done today. Witch is very good for me! errrm... I'm not too happy with the way my Lauri pic has turned out... cant seem to get it right.

H'enyway, i'm stuck in the library with no working printers and a crazed member of my class that I don't know the name of... He keeps swearing at himself. If he types something wrong its 'oh f*ck' all the time... Crazy!!

I feel like i have accomplished something today, anti-social guy (mezza) actually came up to me and started a conversation!!! OMG I knew I would do it... -:note to self; get him to sit with us:- <---- I have a new russian mission *feels chuffed*

I hope it doesn't rain on my journy home... I have to cycle. Love cycling, I love cycling in the rain, i'm just not in the mood to get drenched.
Now how does this make you feel?: accomplishedaccomplished
Listenings: Slacker Bitch - Placebo